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Inherent Vice (2014) Dir – Paul Thomas Anderson

Shaggydog stories… How will this play out? Likely, you will be the chump, chump. For what? Momentary pleasure, brief cheap thrills. Now get on with your life sucker! Or just ease back bro and smoke yourself stupid ’til your freak flag exits through the fire escape of your mind. Don’t be a narc unless you got the goods ‘Doc’. Do you have the goods? You got any fuckin leads? Okay man, pour me a samosa and lay it on me. Yeah, these sideburns are way out man, I will be flying soon enough. Dylan is past it man, need something a little more funky, cosmic to take the edge of this comical odyssey of sorts. Peace is all I want but you know I won’t get it. You know pal, it’s a nice dream all the same. A real fine one. Just don’t let the big bad wolves in. Before you know they have your mind and your soul bub. Yeah, she’s cool. Just watch yourself around her. She exists in several dimensions beyond what us mere mortals can ever decipher with our bruised knowledge and primitive mojo. Yeah, this ain’t really my hair or my sandals man, this ain’t my life. I swear. Crazy? Well, fuck it…let’s see how it plays out then, just turn up the colour dude, I got some righteous vision goin on here…

Inherent Vice opens soon somewhere everywhere maybe nowhere or right her right now . Watch the skies!