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Marah – Round Eyed Blues (2000)

I am estranged from my youth. This next phase scares the shit out of me. Hop in a time machine and remind myself. Remind my soul of what it felt like, ten, fifteen, twenty years back. Not so long ago, right? Until you see what people used to wear. how they acted, how they looked, what they said. To each other, to no one in particular. Looking out at the sky from their windows, on a train, holed up on a bus going somewhere, nowhere, anywhere. No matter what they’re doing, they will feel something in their heart, have an image trapped in their mind of someone, something they once held close or never got close to. Held by the thought until it shakes something out of you. Maybe a song. That makes you hurt, makes you brave, makes you hope and maybe even smile just for one long, sweet moment.