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For Halloween and all that.

The following are a boutique* choice of movies tinged with a touch of the old horrorshow that have not been given their due for one reason or another over the years, be it poor reviews, bad distribution, poor box office, short memory spans etc.

*The use of this word has become widespread in the Emerald Isle to signify something that has or suggests a unique or special, enhanced quality from clothing stores, music festivals to bus shelters and sandwiches. If you can’t (literally) beat them, join them! I hope your reading of this petty personal rant won’t affect your reading of the article in part or in full. enjoy.

Wolfen (1981)

‘An environmentally conscious horror film from the director of Woodstock, written by a guy who claims to have been molested by aliens with Brit sex dynamo Albert Finney portraying a streetwise Noo Yawk cop as your lead? I can’t wait no longer! Where are my movie tickets?’ – Anonymous American moviegoer, July 1981, probably.

Not quite a werewolf movie though it most definitely features some wolves and not quite a police procedural and not quite a pro-nature, anti-capitalism polemic, Wolfen is a strange beast but one that lingers in the imagination thanks to the then innovative, elegant wolf pov photography of Gerry Fisher, gritty New York atmosphere, gruesome violence, a chilling score by a young James Horner and Finney’s steamy love scenes with Diane Venora. Well maybe not the last part though Finney is – accent aside – suitably crumpled and charismatic throughout.