No Dancing No Satisfaction

I could attempt to hypothesize on the mysteries and riddles contained in Nicolas Roeg’s half forgotten 1983 film Eureka in much detail. But I fear somehow that I would fail to match the fascinating insight provided by the director himself in an interview at the time of the film’s muted release, conducted with Film Comment magazine which you can read here.

Eureka’s storyline weaves elements of Citizen Kane, Greed and the real life case of Sir Harry Oakes into a complex, histrionic tale that traverses earthly, mystical and supernatural realms; often confusing, incoherent even but often heady and spellbinding in the hands of Roeg.

The great Gene Hackman stars as Jack Mc Cann, a Klondike prospector seeking Gold in the Yukon flats in the 1920’s. He strikes it rich and twenty years later has relocated to the Bahamas living a life of secluded luxury with his beautiful daughter Tracy (Theresa Russell). Mc Cann is a guarded, difficult…

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