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I think after posting this, it’s time to get back to reading books. I have several books lying around at home, looking quite neglected it must be said; either borrowed from the local library or bought second-hand with some still waiting to be finished and others yet begun. I’m such a tease, books, I know and I’m deeply ashamed of my tv addiction. To combat potential tv od, let’s keep this short and pithy (ha! says you, based on your previous ramblings, not likely old chap!)

In the past five years of irregular employment algorithms and the rise of uploading, streaming alongside the increased quality and diversity of television has meant countless hours, days and weeks of watching every half decent television show under the digital sun, distracting me from writing a brilliant novel, script, song, poem, recipe idea, revolutionary political and socio-economic manifesto or so I would like to think if I was to take the optimistic view that my tendencies toward procrastination as a benign characteristic as opposed to a self-defeating, intestinally challenging, psychologically destructive one. Ah, anyway my intentions have always been good but the road to hell is paved with good intentions so they say….

And on that journey to a particularly modern hell, one could imagine – if one had been afforded the ‘privilege’ of a television set/laptop/tablet in purgatory – the skewed comedy universe of Tim heidecker & Eric wareheim accompanying that slow descent into madness and hellfire resulting in both a twisted smile and a twisted stomach that lasts for eternity and beyond!

Their knowing, super absurd viral aesthetic remixes and repurposes VHS/cable access era detritus to disturbing and often hilariously bizarre ends often blurring the line between comedy, satire and outright horror, presenting a gleeful, terrifying transmission of barely suppressed urges of violence and sex, dangerously useless consumer devices, repellent sound effects, bad editing, awkward pauses, surreal animation, misplaced desires, amateur showbiz freaks; the grubby, squelchy, self loathing, psychotic, outsider underbelly of the American psyche.

Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! (2007 -2010)

Just Three Boyz (2011)

Bedtime Stories (2014)