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The Stooges – Shake Appeal (1973)

Megadeth – Wake Up Dead (1986)

The Telescopes – I Fall She Screams (1989)

Oh, go ahead then! Pat yourself on the back little man! Celebrate! Six hundred what exactly mate? Right, 600 what? Posts? You posted 600 letters? Sure I did that yesterday on my last shift, picked up the stuff from the depot, biked around and I was in the pub by 4? Blog posts? What the fuck is a blog? One of them online thingys? Ah right, you just write whatever shot you want and it goes on the internet does it? You’d wanna get paid for that, son! So can I..can anyone just write any old crap they want on there? Do I not need a degree or somethin? Fuck me! Maybe I will give that a bash. Not tonight though. Maybe tomorrow. I’m shit with computers and all that technology malarkey. To be honest, I’m usually too hammered to get anything done at home. The job is fuckin wreckin me ya know? I’ve a got two shit knees and a low sperm count, the doctor says and me teeth are all gammy like. Fuck this, get us another whiskey there mate will ya? You can tell me more about these 600 posts you wrote over….four years. How many fuckin words is that? Ya don’t know? More than bleedin War and Peace was it? And what were you writing about sonny? music, cinema? you mean films ya ponce! just say films for fucks sake! Mister la de da! what you thought of them? sure who gives a fuck what you think? I tell who was a great band, i will tell you now! Are they around anymore? I don’t know….hey! Dan! Dan! Dan! Dan! What was the name of that band we liked back in the 80’s? yeah, they are still around! Duran Duran mate! Write about those lads and the Spandau ballet! oh man, those were the days! fuck, must be old now. Oh, you wrote about your feelings as well did you ya poof? ha ha, what the fuck is happening these days? everybody is talkin about their feelins, in public! In the pub! online, offline, outside, inside, on the streets….blah, blah, blah, I’m so fuckin hurt from something that happened when I was a kid! boo hoo! boo fuckin hoo! my wife left me for a younger man! boo hoo! Do you talk about any of that stuff on your blog? Here, come back mate! Come back! I’m only messin with you! Come on back, I will get you a drink and we can celebrate alright! No hard feelins! Whats the name of your thing? No dancing no satisfaction? Yeah, it kind of makes sense but then again I’m drunk as a goats uncle! Yeah, I think I will try writin a blog online. People will read it won’t they? I hope they will. I feel lonely…. sometimes. It gets lonely out here. I hope they read it.