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Chvrches – Recover (2013)

For those who’ve never received a Glasgow kiss, this may be the musical equivalent. Well, perhaps not the equivalent of having your nose shattered by some random nutter’s forehead but maybe a literal interpretation of said phrase though really once you’ve listened to it, you may feel as if you’ve been kissed and then had your heart shattered into a million pieces whereupon you find yourself scrabbling around on the floor of your grungy bed sit at 4 in the morning with a can of stale Mc Ewans piss trying to piece the shards of your broken self-esteem back together followed by a reluctant dragging of your sad unloved carcass back out into the bitter cold reality of daylight, the futility of it all slowly giving away to a hopeful grimace which suggests an adult’s cautiously optimistic attempt at viewing your grimy beer glass half full.

What then? Hopefully a friend will drag you back in to the land of the living. And then maybe, but only maybe mind you, you can start to pretend to dream again and anything after that is a fucking bonus wouldn’t you say?!

So in summary, this song from Chvrches stormin debut album the bones of what you believe is like a tender Glasgow kiss and you can dance to it too. if you want. I’m really not pushed what you do to be honest.

Mines a drambuie, thanks!