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Manc electro pop Phoenix vs west midland speed metal madman? An unlikely combo it would seem and yet a common thread could be traced back to the early 1980’s.

During the recording of New Orders second long player Power Corruption & Lies when according to bassist Peter Hook in the illuminating 2010 Documentary Lemmy, the band copped to Motorheads musical influence; their relentless rock and roll blitzkrieg groove, locked in tight and trance like provoking post punks reluctant hedonists to indulge in more sequencer action, creating their own repetitive dance groove.

And thus both bands did record two poignant first person accounts of young men at war; one a graceful melancholy waltz, the other a brash, hopeful electro folk number and both empathizing with those ordinary lives thrown into the chaos of organised barbarism, the humanity often lost in the madness.