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Ute Lemper – Scope J (2000)

And where are they going to Frau Lemper? To the banks of the Volga to sing a few Red Army Choir numbers, gorge on borsch & black bread and wash it all down with some sweet medohvuhka? Or are they going to try first conquer the Crimea powered by the vanity of a delusional egotist? Probably neither and certainly not the latter considering this cheerful little number  was released in the once futuristic sounding year of 2000. and that would be crediting its creator Scott Walker with far-reaching powers of foresight he probably does not possess.

Taking my opening paragraph out of the equation, I confess I have no flippin idea what German chanteuse Ute Lemper is wailing on about here – Walker wrote the ahem, distinctive lyrics deliberately walk a line between pretentious doggerel and the cryptic poetry of an insane person – but it is certainly a compelling, imposing wall of sound he creates for a compelling, imposing voice.