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La Dusseldorf – Viva (1978)

Manic Street Preachers – Walk Me To Bridge (2014)

“The Soundtrack of the Eighties…” said Lord Bowie no doubt during his fertile Berlin period sometime in the late 1970’s. But do not quote me on that. Please do not do that or i will have to set my goon squad on you with their jackboot smiles armed with hardback copies of Heideggers Being and Time to beat over the heads of yous silly beggars!

Was that entertaining? How did it make you feel? Did it emit any kind of physical or emotional response? No? Yes? Well, never mind sons and daughters of the Sun, get out there, forget about your technologik dreaming, become your own monument of expression!

Yes! I have no authority to do this. Nor do I wish to have that power. Just give me an icepop, a place, the music of the planets then transform me through the memories of others.


* The opinions of this writer in no way reflect the overarching philosophical outlook of this blog nor are they directly related to the  theme of this article which was to compare the music of a German band of the late 1970’s/Early 1980’s to the current music of a still operating Welsh rock unit. La Dusseldorf, formed from the ashes of Neu! by one that great bands founding members, Klaus Dinger were an art-rock/electronic whatsit who were fairly popular in Germany though relatively little known elsewhere outside of tastemakers, krautrock enthusiasts and vinyl freaks.

The Manics have been around a while for sure, with Futurology their forthcoming 12th album being talked up as containg a lot of European (i.e., non British) musical and cultural influences with the lead single ‘Walk Me To Bridge’ displaying full blown Nordic/Germanic signifiers both musically and thematically.

I could explain what those signifiers are but to be brutally frank with you readers, I don’t want to conflict with the opinions – confused, pretentious, hazy as they are – of the writer expressed in the main body of this article as I am afraid he will send his shark toothed Goons around to stomp on my face…forever. He’s a bully you know.

Being adults , i assume you will draw your own conclusions as to the modus operandi of the potentially bipolar author of this piece.