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Beck – Nobody’s Fault But My Own (1998)

So Beck Hansen has been worming his way into music listeners ear holes for twenty years now it seems? I guess I wasn’t paying enough attention, too busy trying to get real paid back at the tail end of century twenty. Ah never mind I was always a bit of a jackass, others may say I’m a loser but you know I don’t pay those midnite vultures much mind, I’ve gots the information, I still know where it’s at y’all’s when all of you honky dead weights were following that tropicalia vibe in the noughties I was going through my morning phase wearing a devils haircut and shit eating grin leaving my chemtrails all over this mixed bizness creating the new pollution baby!

Yes, I’m sure you’ve figured it out. Not that clever really but seeing as this diminutive musical gnome has so brilliantly played around with words and sound throughout his career, I thought I would pay some lip service.

Conclusion: I was a philistine, older now, the darkness approaches, bad personal choices, misuse of time creeps up and down my yellow spine then out my pineal gland, the third eye now sees everything in a sub middle aged haze of blues greys and folky psychedelia…Cue damn wistful tears upon plangent strum of Acoustics by weary boychild. Am I accountable mr Hansen? Sure buddy, we all are!