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Foxcatcher (2014) Director – Bennett Miller

Director Bennett Miller’s previous work left me unmoved; 2005’s Oscar winning biopic Capote – despite the excellent performances and appropriately chilly tone – sent me into a slumber and his 2011 adaptation of Michael Lewis’s admittedly difficult to dramatize non-fiction baseball tome Moneyball was dramatically underwhelming. However this taster for his latest film, currently showing at the Cannes Film Festival looks intriguing; a crime drama based on a bizarre case; the murder of US Olympic champion wrestler Dave Schultz by his multi-millionaire benefactor John du Pont in 1996. This teaser is suitably foreboding, strange and hypnotic not at least because of the presence of long-time comic veteran Steve Carell as du Pont, complete with a jarring prosthetic and creepily disembodied vocal mannerisms. It would appear the key to the films effectiveness will rest upon this bold casting choice regardless of what Channing Tatum as Dave Schultz, the great Mark Ruffalo as his older brother Mark or Vanessa Redgrave as du Pont’s mother bring to the fold.