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Revenge of The Mekons (2013) Dir- Joe Angio

Probably one of the most undervalued bands to emerge from the Uk punk scene of the late 70’s, Leeds firebrands The Mekons remain still standing, fearlessly embodying the spirit of that era to this day, proud, shambling and defiant; a battered ship slowly cutting through the impatient whims of the music industry over the course of 37 years.

Counting pop music scholar Greil Marcus (lipstick traces, mystery train) among their most passionate advocates, they have remained somewhat underground during their lifetime despite brief major label affiliation and critical praise. This is perhaps something to do with the timelessness of their sound which has evolved beyond the rudimentary rebellion of their punk period into a unique. raucous, impassioned musical gumbo taking in elements of punk rock, pop, folk, country & dub.