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Finally coming to a screen near you after causing a stir it’s festival run way back in the autumn of 2013, Jonathan Glazer’s third feature film, an adaptation of Michel Faber’s science-fiction novel of the same name

has rippled the cultural waters with mysterious teasers, extremely divisive reviews and it’s long gestation in development and production building a palpable sense of anticipation, a hunger among those cinema goers with an appetite for the avant-garde, the outre and that most rare thing; the art house genre film.

The campaign for Under The Skin’s release could be seen as both a necessary slow build ¬†due to the film remaining in limbo for several months before attaining a distributor and a cleverly enigmatic and compelling trail of morsels also born from necessity; the need to leave the story and the books reveals wrapped up tightly, to eventually be teased open by the potentially curious viewer upon its release.

A teaser from a few months back, then a recently expanded trailer made their way into the world and now finally, we have the official poster design; the unification of these marketing elements finally in place and what is clear what we have to look forward to is strange, cosmic, not quite of this earth; the starchild of Roeg & Lynch.