New Order – True Faith (1987)

“Don’t cry, I’m sorry to have deceived you so much, but that’s how life is.”
Vladimir Nabokov, Lolita

To cut through the snark, sarcasm, cynicism and general clever smart-arsery that generally dominates this blog space courtesy of yours truly for a moment….Hang on, let’s see if I can genuinely stifle the need to mock and joke around….Okay, let’s do this….um…eh…see if I can genuinely summon a true personal feeling and reveal something of myself in an emotionally truthful and naked fashion here…give me a few seconds, please…..so, this is the thing…um, this song by the legendary New Order which I have listened to roughly seven million times in the past twenty years has always had a special personal meaning….Ugh, I know, I know, now I’ve lapsed back into self-reflexivity as a defence mechanism upon realizing how much that statement sounded like the stereotypical voice of a self involved narcissist blog writer. So, I will just state that…no, what’s the point? The song can speak for itself surely and communicate what I’m clearly having trouble doing. In this here and now, the creeping uncertainty; those moments of self-pity, fear, inertia and spiritual defeat; what I have become now crystalized in this song…forever and ever, amen. The dream is now buried within another dream, that of a man long gone.