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Pylon – Cool (1979)

When the title of a song is such a perfect summation of its diamond sharp content, what is left to ruminate? Is this the exit strategy of a word challenged writer struggling to describe the music within, its streamlined dynamism sounding as scintillating, fresh and bold as the day it was recorded and released back in 1979 is difficult to summarize in a few pithy, show off sentences or a in several cleverly worded phrases that could be used in a press pack or hopefully destined for the bands Wikipedia page therefore guaranteeing a temporary involvement in the history of a relatively obscure Athens, Georgia band. That is until Wikipedia man or a Pylon fan decides to erase my self-serving and devious crusade to incorporate myself into the fabric of their musical history as I try to pass myself off as a vanguard tastemaker who saw greatness in them way back in the day. Starting off with the obscure and then working my way up to the likes of the Beatles eventually inserting quotes and blurbs from my ‘reviews’ ‘interviews’ and ‘essays’ of the time, i will become a musical Zelig and it would really plump up the ‘oul writing resume and get me some high-profile paid writing work. Or maybe none of that will happen and I will be found out as a sad and pathetic charlatan with nowt a scintilla of shame – or ability to disguise myself as an older rock journalist from Georgia – in my being. However, this song does not make me sad at all. It is fucking glorious. That’s all I got.