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Image“To exist is simply to be there; what exists appears, lets itself be encountered, but you can never deduce it…” -sartre

Being in the moment, present , focused on whats in front of us, a living and breathing participant in our own lives; a recognition of reality and circumstance, requiring some cognitive pushing against our reflective and fearful instincts. we strive and scrape hoping to survive survive….or at least just muddle through, whatever the odds.


And survival is at the heart of both All is lost, jc chandors spare seafaring tale and American Hustle, chaos merchant David O.Russell’s sprawling 70’s era con artist comedy drama.

stylistically, both films would seem to be poles apart but as much as Robert Redfords nameless sea dog relies on ingenuity and improvisation in the face of many obstacles, Hustles gallery of likeable rogues including christian bale – in a de niro like physical transformation – as a fabulously bewigged and portly con man and amy adams as his flinty squeeze also use their wits and quick thinking to do likewise.

Redfords stoic everyman wrestles with his isolation amidst the impervious and terrifying beauty of nature whilst O.Russell’s streetwise protagonists rail against the emotional and economic isolation, the cold yet comfortable deception of relatively modern urban life.

Either way, these are desperate lives with individualism achieved at some cost.h3>