Holy Motors (2012) – Leos Carax

When the four horsemen of the apocalypse finally arrive, depending on your religious persuasion or non persuasion – let’s substitute massive environmental cataclysm caused by global warming or such – when all men and women are called upon to account for their lives; beggars, bakers, carpenters, doctors, nurses, poets, artists, comedians, traffic wardens, bankers, reality tv producers, porn stars, corporations, politicos, pop stars, receptionists, call centre operators, fast food employees, drug dealers, advertising agency executives, chefs, fashion models, charity workers…..hang on, where was I going? Oh yes, I probably should have cut this exhaustive and quite randomly selected list down and just mentioned the members of the artistic, creative realm. Let’s start again. So if the horsemen or God or any bloke or bird off the street were to ask Mr Carax on the last days of human existence what his film Holy Motors was about, he would respond, non-plussed as a Gauloise dangles from his mouth with another question, the question being….. ? Or his alternative answer? It is about nothing, everything, it is cinema.