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New OrderThe Perfect Kiss Promo (1985) Director: Jonathan Demme

Joy (?) and discovery in the Pleasure Zone as conceived by maverick American film-maker Jonathan Demme ( Something Wild, Silence of the Lambs) and French cinematographer Henri Alekan (La Belle et La Bete, Roman Holiday, Wings of Desire)

Simply filming the notoriously reticent Manchester foursome in their practice room as they conjure up one of the key singles from their 1985 album  Low-Life was a revolutionary and bold step at the time. The group were , for most of their lifetime camera averse, shunning typical pop group publicity photos, letting the music and the cryptic, iconic Peter Saville art of their album and single packaging speak for them and in the process creating a mysterious, romantic sort of anonymity that made them unique.

As in his startling Talking Heads concert documentary, Stop Making Sense (1984), Demme simply focuses on the fundamentals: the creation and invention of a piece of music, how it slowly builds, assembles, falls into place; the band members stoic concentration lifting the curtain; revealing the fragile, human endeavour behind this piece of inventive,sophisticated lovelorn electronic pop.