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Psychic TV – Just Like Arcadia (1988)

“I’ve been involved in a total war with culture since the day I started … I am at war with the status quo of society and I am at war with those in control and power. I’m at war with hypocrisy and lies, I’m at war with the mass media. Then I’m at war with every bastard who tries to hurt someone else for its own sake. And I’m at war with privilege and I’m at war with all the things that one should be at war with basically.”

Genesis P-Orridge.

As singular an artist as there has ever been, for more than forty years Genesis P-Orridge has provoked, challenged, outraged and unsettled the mainstream, firstly with the pioneering  industrial collective Throbbing Gristle in the heyday of the Punk and Post-Punk eras then continuing to push forward with Psychic TV in the 80’s and 90’s, operating outside inside and on the cultural margins, forging a real alternative approach to life and art, ultimately eradicating the distinction between the two.