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John Maus – Hey Moon (2011)

Hey, are you comin out?

No, I can’t.

Why not? It’s not that late.

I’m not allowed.

Come on, just for a few minutes. We are going up to the woods.

The woods?

Yeah, we’re gonna play the game we were playin today.

Oh, bein’ our favourite characters.

I’m gonna be the Hulk.

Can I be Dr Who?

Yeah, you can be whoever you want.

But my dad says it’s too dark out.

That’s okay. I have a torch.

Wow. Cool. Let me see.

Yeah, we can find our way back home easily, tell your Dad.

What Dad? It’s Jamie. He’s asking me to go out.

He won’t let you come out, huh?

No. I don’t want to make him angry.

Don’t worry. I have a plan. You see, this is a magic torch.

No! Really?

Meet me around the back of your house.  Don’t tell your Dad alright? Be quiet.

But he won’t let me, he…

It’s okay. I will protect you. Me and the Moon.