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Prefab SproutWhen Love Breaks Down (1985)


Kid of the 80’s™ am I. Now with the ‘You tubin’ and the internettin’, that decade doesn’t seem so bad on reflection; everything bizarre and obscure now resides on your ‘puter arkive’  and not in some moldy record shop or the record collections of non-conformo malcontents.

Prefab Sprout – a bonkers name masking a sophisticated pop brain, fronted by the wonderfully named Paddy Mc Aloon (Us Irish and our funny namin’ eh?), Durham native and wilful musical artiste were a cut above the mainstream 80’s ‘beige pop’ of the Wet Wets, the Hues & Cryers, Simple Redheads and the likes, lovingly borrowing from the American songstyles and givin their music a wry, modern, melancholic Anglo twist, deconstructing popular muzik and laying bare their raincoat wearin little souls.

* Get out of my dreams and get out of my car cos you can’t sleep  you might catch a cold and it’s my dads car I’m borrowin for the night’ was an alternate title for this track but singer Billy O’Shaun threatened the Sprouts with a lawsuit as he had composed a No. 169 hit track entitled ‘Get out of my dreams, get into my pants!’ which he felt was too similar and was causing him much confusion. Often he would stumble onto the stage at his local Butchers Arms in front of a crowd sometimes and utter the Sprouts song title rather than his own, sending him into an alcohol fuelled rage.