No Dancing No Satisfaction


Paris Texas (1984) Dir: Wim Wenders

The venerable American film critic Roger Ebert once stated that “no film featuring either Harry Dean Stanton or M Emmet Walsh in a supporting role can be altogether bad.” Now, whether or not Ebert had seen Stanton in John Milius’ laughable right wing Fantasia Red Dawn when he made this statement is unclear but he had a point. Even in a project as philosophically dubious as Red Dawn, the actor managed to project an integrity and honesty during his meager screen time.

Aside from Red Dawn, Stanton also appeared in prominent, career defining roles in Alex Cox’ cult item Repo Man and Wim Wenders Paris Texas. It was with Wenders film that finally at the age of 57, Stanton landed his first lead role with the films screenwriter, playwright Sam Shepard tailoring the part specifically for the veteran character actor who up…

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