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The Sound – Missiles (1980)

And we all fall down. Purpose, zeal, focus, intent. These are components of many a rock band throughout the years. Those that break through and those that remain under the radar? Well, that’s for fate to decide if one believes in such a thing.

Was it fate that decided that Joy Division, Echo and the Bunnymen and U2 would succeed whilst The Sound, Comsat Angels, The Chameleons and Josef K were either ignored or underappreciated?  Or was it simply bad timing? The Sound even signed to the same label as the Bunnymen, WEA subsidiary label Korova but who knows why their spiky, urgent post-punk sounds remain – aside from a small fervent corner of the UK music press – largely unheralded to this day?

But then sometimes mysteries are better left as they are and even sounds as great as these cannot truly explain.