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Shearwater – A Hush (2004)

From a faint whisper to a glorious trill, the aptly titled ‘A Hush’ is the wonderful opening track on Austin, Texas band 2004 album A Winged Life. As I recall, this song drifted out from the speakers in my friend’s apartment several years ago as we sat and debated our knowledge of music – with several glasses of wine already compromising the veracity of said assumed knowledge – we were slowly drawn into the dynamics of this song, enraptured by its demonstration of silence and subtle, sinuous power.

We both agreed that it reminded us of the same taut emotions practiced by one of our favourite musicians, Mark Hollis and a brief serenity did visit upon us. The music seemed to breathe slowlyand yet was vital, graceful and immense and in its hypnotic pulse no answers, no questions; just a calm, a sense of hope after the storm.