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Missed July 4th by one day thus an opportunity to link my latest blog rumination with current events in the most ham-fisted, opportunistic way has been lost! God damn you cruel, fickle finger of fate! God damn you all to hell! May you be cursed by the Gods! More specifically, may the Aztec Gods curse your selfish, sinful, destructive modern city ways by unleashing a terrifying winged serpent from the skies to feast on you empty-headed, sun worshipping, high rise occupying degenerates!

What’s that? They already did you say. 31 years ago? In a low-budget horror film by under-rated b-movie director Larry Cohen, produced by legendary schlockmeister Samuel Z. Arkoff whereby a winged flying monster thingy residing in New York’s Chrysler Building regularly swoops down to munch on the heads of several unfortunate victims? Well blow me down with a feather! A flying dragon’s feather!