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Neil Young & Crazy HorseBarstool Blues (1975)

“He who is of a calm and happy nature will hardly feel the pressure of age”Plato

There ain’t no dying of the light for this septuagenarian. Neil Young & Crazy Horse played in Dublin last night with creaking bones, grey manes and a ‘don’t give a fuck’ approach that resulted in several long, extended passages of Young solos, caveman riffing and squalls of feedback, still acting like gleeful punks ‘fuckin up’ but sweet about it.

‘Barstool Blues’ is a killer highlight from 1975’s Zuma didn’t feature in their set list although they did climax with the awesome Cortez the Killer from the same album which incidentally has probably the worst cover artwork in the history of album cover artwork; a childish pencil scrawl of a flying naked lady in a desert apparently as drawn by Mr Young himself.

But hey, that’s all part of the slightly Neanderthal Crazy Horse charm.