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AbbaThe Winner Takes It All  (1980)

So what was it about this piano/keyboard melody or variations of it in that made it the emotional crux of several big AOR chart hits back in that most maligned of decades, the 1980’s? Well, just listen and then figure it out.

Still not moved? Then, I can’t help you. I’m getting to the point where trying to explain the mysterious allure of uncool pop tunes from any decade is escaping me. The only plausible explanation for these lapses into musical sentimentality is plain and simple nostalgia.

The Alan Parsons ProjectDon’t Answer Me (1984)

I grew up with these songs, heard played in rotation on radio, television, home and car stereos and as they played I would privately hum their melodies to myself blissfully unaware that the humming noise emitting from my body could be heard by anyone and everyone.

Casting aside childish things with during my rough voyage into adolescence – which included and induction into the musical stylings of the Dark Lord i.e.,Heavy Metal – songs and music of the type above became an immediate embarrassment and the vain, near two decade journey in which I tried to become cool, hip and happening began ended not suddenly in a moment of dramatic realization but in a slow steady decline back into the warm emotional soup of MOR pop balladry of my youth.

Carly SimonComing Around Again (1986)

This was the first alarming evidence of ‘maturity’ though tempered by still oft irrational behaviour more befitting of a confused child.

If you can manage to put your tear-stained hankies aside after that sob story, please allow yourself the indulgence of enjoying these songs made of descending chord and breaking heart.