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Warpaint – Undertow (2010)

*Yes, you’ve got me in your undertow. With only myself to blame. Try to clear my mind. Start off with a blank slate. I’ve written so many words, imagined myself in different places, cities and times, slept and drank it off, ran miles and miles, the length of the world,  stood at the edge of rivers, oceans, looking down from hills , sun, wind, rain and snow on my body, reinvent myself again and again, hours of laughter frozen and buried, fears on the surface, no way of disguising them now, too late, I was caught, trying to figure out, always trying to figure out and reaching dead ends, a sharpness that cuts inside, a taste i desire but is no longer real. Great men have been driven to madness and passion by these invisible things, these intangible fires. For what else is there? I will try and discover other ways, hidden in the secret code of my dreams before I let go of you and go under.

* The above is in no way an absolute, one hundred percent accurate depiction of the author’s state of mind or personality. In fact, the above attack of flowery solipsistic cod poetics may in fact have been brought on by an excessive amount of reflection enhanced by the authors second hand pretensions and narcissism. He really likes the song and it exhibits a quite strong feminine sensibility and an eerie,  trance like atmosphere which is akin to being pulled into a dazed half dream state, a subconscious waystation between erotic and romantic desires.