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Man of Steel (2013) Director: Zack Snyder

GEE WHIZ!!!! Okay, so big budget superhero movies are the norm these days but after watching this latest preview of Warner Brothers latest attempt to breathe new life into their Superman franchise, this viewers inherently jaded worldview has been exposed for what it is; a cynical, cowardly pose masking the joyous surge of childlike wonder that now courses through his often dried up and  bitter body and soul.

So…is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a turkey? Is it a train? Is it an ostrich? Is it a cake? No, it’s Warner Brothers saying they are sorry for Bryan Singers underperforming  Superman Returns from 2006 and throwing as much credibility and money as they can in order to convince modern audiences that this invincible, intergalactic do gooder is just as relevant to the kids as Batman….err, sorry I mean The Dark Knight.

But no matter how many billions ye spend on lavish Nolan sponsored cod epic brooding for the masses, whenever I think of the Man supposedly faster than a speeding bullet and a locomotive, my mind races back through time and buried in the dark fog of pop culture memory is this: