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The Rolling StonesMiss You (1978)

Spoon –  I Turn My Camera On (2005)

Shimmy on down to your local indie disco! Bring your scruffy facial countenances, asexual haircuts, thriftshop flares, tight fitting t-shirts, used adidas sneakers, bargain label cider & euro beer six packs, conceited attitudes and partially controlled hormonal urges! Hear a narrow selection of sounds from the 70’s through to possibly today! Masquerade as open minded, smart hip and youthful!

Oh, how cynical is this Derek! Shame on you! Tut Tut! Yes, I admit that went too far. We are looking for a tribe to belong to at some point in our lives and when it comes to music we or to be less cowardly, I like to pretend I know more about stuff than I actually do and feel superior in my limited, useless and often borrowed knowledge.

Am I discrediting my writing and blogging activities? Calling myself out as a poseur far worse than the  so called cultural poseurs I so wittily tried to skewer in a blindingly obvious and predictable manner in the first paragraph?  You know what? I’m not quite sure. What do you mean you are not sure Derek? You can’t go and make generalized statements about groups of people you hardly know or socially interact with and probably number in their thousands in Ireland alone! They are human beings with hearts, minds, fears and passions just like your own – or not like your own as they are unique to who they are- and you were sort of young and pretentious once.

In fact, you may still be the latter in fucking spades!!!! What gives you the right to judge, huh? Ooh, so you can write a ‘humorous’ self reflexive, self satisfied piece showing off your oh so impressive musical taste and judge both people who share said taste AND don’t share that musical taste? You think you can have your fucking cake and eat it? You Fake! You Phony! You miserable old curmudgeonly git!!!! Did you ever fight in a war?? Have you ever saved a drowning child? Adopted a one legged puppy? Cured a disease? Helped those less fortunate than yourself? Ever stopped to consider other people, a wider world outside of your solipsistic, simpering, pathetic little bubble?

Hmmmm…let me think about that. Em…no. I believe the answer is no.

Oh, okay then, fair enough.

This attempt a humour was both a clumsy and possibly failed attempt by Derek Mc Donnell to satirize narrow minded social attitudes (including his own) and a discussion of two excellent songs that share sonic similarities. In trying to be clever or original, he strayed from the simple brief that he has been quite dogmatic towards since it’s creation and thus betrayed his own – for want of a less pompous or self-regardingword – ‘vision’.

Now let’s dance!