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Simple MindsSpeed Your Love To Me (1984)

Straitjacket FitsShe Speeds (1987)

Elemental, windswept romantic rock for a day swept away by the elements. Two songs instead of sire? Oh you are spoiling us! No he is not! All he’s doing is robbin this stuff off You Tube then adding some oh so clever nonsense after it as if he feckin wrote, recorded, performed, married and sold the songs themselves. He wish he wrote them ‘imself, that’s for certain. There ain’t many doing this kind of earnest, hands to the heavens, accelerated, wide screen love songs in deze oh so hyper-aware, corporate whoring (Ah bleedin ‘ell, old man! Wasn’t this always the case and especially in the Eighties? Kerr & Co certainly were’nt looking to be the next Josef K once they got a sniff of MTV/ stadium glory!!!!) self marketing digital dayz although ‘ ‘She Speeds’ starts off somewhat hazy , psychedelic therefore probably the more cynical or sceptical of this dynamic duo before the tune changes its mind, abruptly soaring to the heavens at light speed whereas the Mind’s rollicking¬†‘Speed Your Love To Me’ keep their stadium hearts on their rolled up sleeves throughout.