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Low – When I Go Deaf (2005)

One of the most pleasurable, transcendant musical experiences I’ve ever had. seeing Low in concert back in a pre-recession fairy-tale Dublin of 2007 – O! Them’s were the days!??? – Since 1993, the Duluth, Minnesota band has retained their core members, Guitarist/vocalist Alan Spearhawk over the course of ten albums – their newest long player The Invisible Way released today on Sub Pop records – forging a distinct musical path whilst cultivating a devoted cult following and occasionally denting the mainstream although never compromising their sublimely bruised and delicate sound on which their reputation rests.

The power of their music centres on the dynamics of Parker and Spearhawk’s oft harmonized vocals as well as an essential quiet/loud dynamic on songs such as ‘When I Go Deaf’ from their 2005 album The Great Destroyer; a tenderly strummed acoustic folk ballad transforms into a monolith of guitar noise worthy of Crazy Horse, amping up the already emotionally febrile nature of the song to an epic level of cathartic release.