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The Walker Brothers – Lines (1976)

Parsimonious posting. But see what I did the headline there? ‘What a clever clever boy I am!’ he says to no one in particular, the echo of his own voice a stark reminder of the immense disconsolation he keeps at bay with self reflexive chattering and laboriously humorous digressions such as this. And the connection to this somewhat obscure Walker Brothers number from their mostly underwhelming 70’s reunion?

Read between the lines, man. See what I did there? Jesus, I am good if good means a mediocre mind with limited knowledge and skills feeding his own pathetic, self pitying fantasies then yes i am ‘good’. Oh, to be bad. Really fucking bad. Just for one day. (Tears, then the sound of a door shutting.Not just any door but one that bridges the gap between the earthly world and the dark cosmos of the galactic void.)

‘Lines’, not to be confused with that other hit song ‘Perpendicular Circumference of the Sky’ by Bob Rayjax & The Plaintiffs from 1965 was written by Jerry Fuller, a Texas born pop and country songwriter/musician whose most famous tune was ‘Travelin Man‘, a number one US  hit by Ricky Nelson in 1961. ‘Lines’ was the first single from the second Walker Brothers reunion album also titled Lines following the commercially disappointing ‘No Regrets‘ album in 1975. Both the single and album flopped and the Walker Brothers struggled on, managing to record a final album ‘Nite Flights‘ in 1978 which again provoked much disinterest in the Punk era aside from a few hardcore critics and musicians who admired the strange boldness of some of Scott Walkers compositions which foreshadowed a new, experimental phase in the singers career.

But forget all that hoity toity palaver and bathe in the deliciously sad crooning and over ripe orchestration on this overlooked number.