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Nick DrakePink Moon (1972)

Firstly, thank you to the kind soul who uploaded the album in its entireity to You Tube. This is a tender, calm masterpiece of acoustic music, simple as. Just the late Mr Drake on his own, singing and playing his guitar aside from a hint of delicate piano on the title track.

It’s the sound of the modern world fading away, a veil being lifted to reveal a more reflective, peaceful sanctuary for our weary, desensitized souls, the chance to reconnect with the natural, the mystic, the flow of time slowed down to as it should be. A state of blissful dissolution and intense emotional, sensory awareness.

Drake’s soft caress of a voice and hypnotic, deep, melancholy guitar lines draws us towards him, away from the vicissitudes or white noise, psychic disturbances of modern urban life, neither a folk jester nor prince but a romantic soothsayer reminding us of when we are lost and what often forget.