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Galaxie 500Fourth of July (1990)

American Music Club – If I had a Hammer (1993)

Red House Painters – Mistress (1993)

Smog – I Feel Like the Mother of the World (2005)

Bonnie Prince Billy – I See a Darkness (1999)

Low- When I go Deaf (2005)

Yeah, the blog has ignored cinema for a while. Ive been watching, keeping up but new ideas are still percolating.

Meanwhile, something of a reverie to  my 20’s; record shop years and when the idea of DIY ,music before the internet was beginning to spread amongst Dublin based acts such as The Frames, Jubilee, Damien Rice etc influenced it seems by acts such as Bill Calahan, Will Oldham, Low, Papa M and many cult American lo-f/slowcore acts frequently touring these shores on a frequent basis in the late 90’s  and early 00’s.

A form of modern American folk emerging from the underground explosion of the early 90’s and as much  influenced by British indie guitar pop, psychedelia, shoegaze, traditional spirituals as by recording methods, low budgets, locality and little concern for mainstream courtship.

Spartan and haunted are how I would describe the sounds of most of these bands; raw and unfiltered without any need for vanity; solipsistic and intense, a sound that is uncompromisingly personal and signifying a certain integrity.

I could attempt to analyze in more detail but you should really just listen to the music and check out  Drowned in Sound website where they have series of informative articles from 2009 focusing on the so-called Slowcore movement that will give you a wider insight into the bands and acts that emerged on American independent labels from the Early Nineties onwards.

Although the sound of this movement if you will has subtly influenced more mainstream indie rock in the last decade it is maybe the self-sufficient, bloody minded attitudes of these groups that has left its biggest mark on modern music and why most of them still remain active in this home recording digital utopia.