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Harry Nilsson – Jump Into The Fire (1971)

Cultural obsolescence creeps in slowly with age. This might be the closest I get to liking anything Beatles related for the time being. Idiotic statement? yes, certainly you could argue. But I grew up with an aversion to the Liverpool legends. Don’t ask me why. My dad was more of an Elvis man and of course without Elvis, what would we have? Bruno Mars? Oh. Shit. I forgot. Snobbery Alert!

Harry Nilsson was one of John Lennon’s closest allies, friends and conspirators and Nilssons songs and style have often been compared to the Fab Fours. So, it’s the Beatles by association no?

A gifted singer-songwriter, Brooklyn born Nilsson has a place in pop history for both his version of Fred Neil‘s Everybody’s Talkin’ featured in the film Midnight Cowboy and his tortured cover of Badfinger’s ‘Without You’ which featured on his bestselling 1971 album Nilsson Schmilsson along with this bass driven, proto garage punk meets r’n b number.

‘Jump Into the Fire’ features in a key scene in Martin Scorcese‘s classic gangster saga ‘Goodfellas’ and the paranoid, cocaine fuelled haze of Ray Liotta‘s Henry Hill character in the movie as he tries to elude both the law and his fellow Mafiosi matches with the sped up desperation and one track rhythmic force of this track in which Nilsson’s voice yelps and pleads with thrilling abandon.

Delusion speeding in reverse toward oblivion.