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John Cooper Clarke – Evidently Chickentown (1980)

I was going to ramble on for a few paragraphs but I will let the words of ‘rock and roll Betjeman‘ John Cooper Clarke speak for themselves I think….or should I? Well it would be fuckin’ rude if I didn’t let him talk…well, i could hardly stop him even if I tried, kid.

Why? He’s a hilarious, eloquent force of nature, a rhythmic juggernaut, a bastard mix of 65′ era Dylan, belligerent Manc wit and excoriating urban commentator, working class poet…fearless warm up man, major label anomaly, ‘feral’ heroin addict and now a reluctant national treasure in a recent BBC4 documentary.

A wide range of cultural luminaries stretching back to the 70’s including Paul Morley, Pete Shelley, Alex Turner, Stewart Lee, Peter Hook, Steve Coogan comment on the stick thin, world weary word warrior.

Evidently… (2012)