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I’m Not There (2007) – Dir: Todd Haynes

Sitting patiently through the first three episodes of Todd Haynes impressive but distant, often inert television adaptation of James M Cain’s 1941 novel Mildred Pierce for HBO, my mind wandered and I found myself fondly recalling I’m Not There, his stylistically playful exploration of the iconography and mythology of one Bob Dylan in which several actors of different age, race and sex portray several Dylan inspired characters.

The last section of the movie -in which Richard Gere portrays the legendary western outlaw Billy the Kid and the narrative is brought full circle – stayed with me, resting within and swimming around my dreamlife for a good amount of time .

Billy and the townsfolk , drawn to the bandstand where a group of musicians, portrayed by Jim James of Morning Jacket and members of Calexico play a  hollowed out version of Bob Dylan & The Band‘s 1967 ‘Goin to Acapulco’

The film comes to a standstill and a Haynes offers a jarring yet oddly beautiful tapestry of  19th century American life filtered through Dylan’s 20th century imagination and envisioned by the directors own 21st Century post modern sensibilities.