Spoon – The Ghost of You Lingers (2007)

Japan – Ghosts (1982)

Suicide – Ghost Rider (1977)

The Specials – Ghost Town (1981)

Kristin Hersh feat Michael Stipe – Your Ghost (1994)

The Psychedelic Furs – The Ghost in You (1984)

Patti Smith – Ghost Dance (1978)

Neutral Milk Hotel – Ghost (1998)

The FallThere’s a Ghost in My House (1987)

Mazzy Star – Ghost Highway (1990)

Radiohead – Give Up The Ghost (2011)

Burial – Ghost Hardware (2008)

Dreams within dreams. That never were. Have come and gone. Yet to be dreamed. Lost and found. Remnants, artifacts; real and imagined, material and emotional recovered, remixed, repackaged. Life repurposed. Meanings blurred, eradicated, revolutions internal, slow, quiet away from the technocratic, mediacentric eye. Holding on. Slipping Away. Into the self. The personal now public. History weightless, twitted into the gaping maw of hyper contextualization and rapid ease. Friends and lovers that never quite disappear. Spectres borne from our ‘culture’. We share, we care. Right now? How much? Count the characters.