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Shifting point of view and the notion of escaping your own life and stepping into someone elses shoes through revolutionary technology are ideas running right through the spine of Kathryn Bigelow‘s  Strange Days, her stylish near/past future tale. Here we have Bigelow a female director showing Ralph Fiennes lapsed romantic watching his former lover Faith (Juliette Lewis), an aspiring rock star perform a version of PJ Harvey‘s ‘Hardly Wait’.

Of course that is all fascinating and escaping ones reality is certainly a theme that is central to the films thesis but the main reason I’ve chosen this clip; it’s just downright sexy and looks gorgeous. This scene turned me onto PJ Harvey when I watched it back on video in 1996 and Lewis does a pretty fine interpretation as well as create a sensual, dangerous persona of her own which she would then turn into a future career as frontwoman of Juliette & The Licks.

Watching her like a wounded puppy is Fiennes impossibly handsome Lenny, understandably transfixed, his eyes pining for this rock goddess and yet he knows this is an illusion shes selling but he’s hooked much like his own customers are hooked on the promise of walking in someone elses shoes, a false dream.