Anna Calvi – Desire (2011)

Somehow I forgot to include this in my favourite music of 2011 post a few months back. A blistering, soulful, passionate mission statement bearing traces of Polly Jean Harvey, Siouxsie Sioux, Roy Orbison, Scott Walker; this English songstress has a voice that bring any man, woman, empire, sentient life form to it’s knees.

Widescreen rock and roll but more intimate and erotic than the romantic, chest beating Wagnerian pop histrionics of contemporaries such as Florence and the Machine. ‘Desire’ hums, vibrates and explodes with glorious abandon as it emerges from it’s intense, coiled, lustful, questing overture.

Tortured romanticism; the essence of most pop balladry from the 50’s and 60’s revamped for this young century.