Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (1992) Dir: David Lynch

NSFW!!! Explicit content!!! I warned you! I really did!

In the dark, cavernous, forbidden space of the Bang Bang Bar, a damaged small town girl offers up her body and soul for possession in every sense of the word. We feel the intense heat, sweat, fear and carnality of an after hours orgy. Illicit sex, drugs, flashing strobes and  Angelo Badalamenti‘s intense garage rock drone casting a spell on the rooms wasted denizens, they hang in limbo and their bodies sway in unison to the  siren pulse of desire.

This maybe the umpteenth David Lynch entry in this series having previously analyzed and presented excerpts from Lost Highway, Wild at Heart, Blue Velvet and Mulholland Drive but I kept on returning to his work because firstly its had such a powerful effect on my imagination and it proves the mans intuitive sense in choosing the perfect music/soundtrack to his febrile imagery. But the music never seems random, superfluous; usually dreamy, romantic, tender, haunted as if tinged with the ghost of Fifties rock n’ roll, the sounds of Lynch‘s formative youth.

In this prequel to the  cult television show, Lynch mostly forgoes much of the small town, folksy vibe that brought light amidst the darkness of the corrupt and strange characters who inhabited the series. Here, he focuses on the death of innocence, the corruption of purity by malevolent forces both within and without and bear witness to Laura Palmers final hours; her slow descent into Hell.