Spiritualized – The Slide Song (1995)

And so he carved a small gem form a large diamond, a beautiful action man figurine from a giant, shapeless plastic ball, a bucolic countryside hilltop from a Himalayan mountain or something to that effect; a facile analogy which I will now use to arrogantly compare my own intentions with this post with the working process of Jason Pierce aka J Spaceman aka Spiritualized aka Spiritualized Electric Mainline aka ex-Spacemen 3 member.

Minimalism being the key word in Pierce’s oeuvre, building layered symphonies from
basic harmonic, melodic tonal components from his early 80’s Rugby, Warwickshire days with Pete Kember and up to the present day with Spiritualized, Pierce has given us several masterpieces of sound and vision; searching, questing for redemption, revelation and altered perception across space and time through his music – an aurally hypnotic stew of rock, pop, blues, jazz, gospel, trance and psychedelia communicating personal epiphanies coloured by Pierces experiences with drugs, love, heartbreak, illness and long abiding passion and belief in music as inextricable and essential to those experiences.

This was to be a more in depth, encyclopedic primer of Spacemen 3 and Spiritualized but felt that it would be more prudent to concentrate on one track which is a personal choice and resonates within my emotional memory bank somewhat and thus ‘Slide Song’ from Spiritualized’s second full length studio album Pure Phase represents the tender, narcoleptic bliss of their sound to full, glorious effect.