Prometheus (2012)

Okay, am a bit late to the game here. Well, I never stated that this was an entertainment news page now did I? Unnecessary pre-emptivism aside, this new teaser for director Ridley Scott‘s new science fiction film contains more than several echos of his 1979 film Alien. Scott and the producers have strenuously denied any explicit link with the Alien series and Scott’s original film but…ah, come on who are yous trying to kid?

The soundtrack and cutting are shall we say somewhat indebted to the original 1979 Alien trailer which is one of the all time classic movie trailers. The screaming siren effect, quick cutting and even typeface of the movies title are almost identical. But Scott and his employers must be commended for not wanting to show too much or even explain the movie’s plot, secrecy and mystery are a rare commodity in todays film world. One often associate secrecy and mystery with dishonesty, a studio wishes to bury an unwanted film or minimize the damage to the box office take of a disastrous project. Keep em in the dark.

But with Prometheus the strategy seems to be working and is altogether refreshing. It also helps that the visuals we glimpse here look utterly spectacular, not surprising considering Mr Scott’s pedigree, a director Michael Mann – a not too shabby visualist himself once called ‘one of the best shooters in the industry’

This is Scott’s first foray into science fiction since he directed a little film called Blade Runner which you may have heard of thirty years ago so the excitement of seeing the director who set the Alien franchise in motion return to this world is among movie geeks at least off the charts.

A clue as to the storyline. Well, we know it’s a prequel to the original film, the film title refers to a Greek god a major part in creating the human race. The trailer features imagery of a giant spaceship not too dissimilar to the one discovered by the Nostromo crew in Alien when they discover a dead alien space explorer of some kind attempting to transport some pesky alien eggs to god knows where for god knows what reason.

Will this film attempt to explain the backstory of that tale, potentially destroying the mystery and simplicity and primal B movie terror that gave the franchise it’s kick by shoving the iconic xenomorphs into the background to make some pseudo profound statement about the origins of humanity? Who knows? And frankly I don’t want to know…. yet. So internet, please behave just this once. Please.