Re- Imagined Conversations 

A summer evening in June of 2000, Dublin city. Derek (early 20’s)  is waiting outside the Irish Film Institute for Anonymous Former acquaintance ( Male; 18-19) to arrive.

AFA Hi, sorry I’m late.

DEREK  No problem “AFA”. Shall we head in?

AFA Yes, indeed.

DEREK  So…. (general inane young male chitchat, unrelated to cinema or the film in question thus not important enough to recount here)

AFA I’ve heard that  this film is pretty extreme.

DEREK  Oh yeah? As in violent? Extremely violent?

AFA Yes, one scene in particular.

DEREK Yeah, I read a review of it somewhere saying that it starts off as one type of film and then it just changed into a horror film about half way through.

AFA Right… the scene is a torture scene involving wire….and acupuncture

DEREK No… don’t tell me any more….I like extreme stuff though…

AFA Yeah…Have you seen the Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

DEREK Oh yeah, it’s fucking insane man!

AFA What time is it? 

DEREK Oh yeah, we’d better go in….

Derek and AFA enter the screening room and take their seats, The lights go down and the film starts.

Two hours later, the film ends and the lights go up. Two stunned faces.

DEREK  Holy shit!

AFA  Fuck!

The End.

Please note that the above scenario is a mixture of fact and truth. Names, places, situations, actual dialogue have been altered, mis-remembered, exaggerated or completely invented to make the writing and the scenario more interesting. But one truth remains. I did see Takashi Miike‘s  Japanese horror film Audition one evening in June of 2000. I have not viewed it since.