Tom Tom ClubGenius of Love (1981)

Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz, then Talking Heads members form a side project and briefly become more successful with the infectious, wonderful ditty above along with Wordy Rappinghood infiltrating dance club and hip hop culture in the early 1980’s resulting in ‘Genius’ becoming one of the most sampled works of that decade and even beyond with artists from Grandmaster Flash to Public Enemy exploiting that distinctive, bouncy rhythm track for their own ends.

Mariah CareyFantasy (1995)

I could have chosen one of those cooler acts to highlight here but since I’ve always had a crush on Mariah Carey and find her version of the song perfectly fresh and delightful in its own right, I thought well, fuck it!  It’s one of the best things she’s ever done and her voice compliments Weymouth and Frantz invincible hook in the most sweetest way. Like the original, its pure fizzy pop ecstasy and you just can’t beat it no matter how hard you try though admittedly, aside from the incandescent presence of Miss Carey the accompanying video is typically asinine production line fluff.

But then again, who needs to think when your feet just go?