A new dawn. So a couple of months back I attempted to get a podcast idea going with a colleague of mine but due to technical shortcomings and in particular the increasingly decrepit state of my laptop, I had to abandon the idea for the forseeable future or at least until I can gather funds for a computer that doesn’t shut down every hour or so.

The idea of the podcast was to discuss and rediscover movies neglected, forgotten, discarded into the dustbin of cinematic and pop culture history. As a back up plan, this idea will now be in writing and not audio and thus here is the virginal entry in what I hope will be an illuminating and entertaining  journey.

While I will be trawling the depths of my memory banks regularly I do acknowledge the limitations of my memory and ingenuity, I wish also to involve you dear reader and if you have any suggestions with regards to films you think have been wrongly overlooked or obscure works that deserve to have a light shined upon them then please don’t be shy.

Today we kick off with…..

Streets of Fire , released way back in the summer of 1984, directed by action movie purist Walter Hill (48 Hours, The Warriors) The film stars Michael Pare as Tom Cody, an ex soldier and mercenary hired to rescue rock star Ellen Aim, played a young Diane Lane from the clutches of Willem Dafoe‘s Raven Shaddock, the menacing leader of a biker gang known as the Bombers.

This pared down plot all takes place against backdrop of a retro styled universe in a nameless American city where everybody drives customised automobiles, wears 50’s style clothing, neon lights illuminate rain slicked streets and terse stylized tough guy dialogue straight out of film noir is the lingo of choice.

Add a soundtrack that combines both Ry Cooder and overblown Jim Steinman compositions and the result is a strange concoction that mixes both elements of pulp comic books and the rock musical. The film was a critical and box office failure at the time , basically putting paid to a potential franchise based around the main character of Tom Cody and to Pare’s then nascent career as a leading man.