Awful Philip Roth related pun aside, this is a respectful tribute.

The above image is taken from German director Wim Wenders acclaimed 1987 fantasy Wings of Desire in which Mr Falk played a version of himself, an actor shooting a film about Berlin’s Nazi past. During the course of the film, Falk is revealed to be a former angel who has rejected immortality to become part of the human race.

Falk was suffering from Alzheimers when he passed away at the age of 83. He leaves behind of course, an iconic legacy in both television and film having played the rumpled, eccentric detective Columbo over four decades and having a long association with John Cassavetes, starring in several of his films including Husbands and A Woman Under The Influence.

He was such a familiar, comforting presence growing up and whenever he turned up you never felt as if he was faking it. His performances in both mediums always seemed genuine, warm, exuding a rough edged, earthy mischief, a sense of playfulness shot through with lived in honesty and killer comic timing.

Below is a 1970 interview on the Dick Cavett Show in which Falk, along with Husbands co-stars John Cassavetes and Ben Gazzara do their best to intimidate the host, behaving in a most entertainingly boorish and raucous manner that makes for awkward viewing.