Or Self Love filtered through Self Reflexivity masked as Self Deprecation. Apropos of nothing or something extremely important, bar the gnawing sense that I am indeed shouting into the void with my own writing voice now a collection, a loop of words, phrases, symbols, keyboard exertions, meanings and inanities being tossed out to a diminishing or non existent audience here is musical list, songs and pieces with “wolf” in the title for you/myself/I/Him/Her/God to listen to and absorb. What about the Hounds of Love you may ask? And I may not answer but I will this much….they are outside my window! Oh help me someone, help me please!

Sergei Prokofiev- Peter And the Wolf (1936)

Duran Duran- Hungry Like the Wolf (1983)

Radiohead – A Wolf at the Door (2003)
QOTSA – Someones in The Wolf (2005)
TV on the Radio- A Wolf Like Me (2006)
Burial & Four Tet – Wolf Cub (2009)